"Ramon Oms is the man who grows and lives surrounded by figures, which have been modeled with the gesture of living with their hands and fertile emotional force of his cultivated mind. (...) Even recognizing that no sculptor has ever created a lively figure, the style of Ramon Oms stands at the same threshold limit. All the sculptures have spread and dynamism, as they have been designed and developed to enrich a space, because engresquin the neighborhood or to accompany humans. So its excellent figures enjoy a noteworthy peculiarity: the feet of the statues are free shoes. This indicates a settlement, wanted a consistent, an incarnation on earth, need to be more than bronze: the female is always synonymous with fertility, life, the word ".

Lluís Solernou




First Prize in Sculpture "Ajuntament de Manresa"



First Prize in Sculpture "Saló de Martorell"


Public works and semipublic


Enyorança. Canals d'Empúria-brava (Alt Empordà)



Monument al Dr. Escorsell. (Castellgalí)



Homenatge als nens, tot recordant Xesco Boix.( Manresa)



Sant Sebastià.( Súria)



La verema. Mas d'en Coll, Roses (Alt Empordà)



A l'ombra.(Manresa)



Biana.( Manresa)


Mestra i nen. Institució "La Miranda",( Sant Just - Esplugues)



Al teatre.( Manresa)



Noia de la Plaça. Rajadell



Solidària. Fals (Fonollosa)



Jugant amb caixes (Manresa)



La Salud. (Manresa)



Dona. Parc de l'agulla (Manresa)



Homenatge als Miners (Cardona)



Dança d'arrel Tradicional (Manresa)



Homenatge a Carles Checa (Sant Fruitós de Bages)



Angel (Barbera del Valles)



Nens a la font (Sant Fruitós de Bages)









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2007 "Sensacions en bronze". Francesc Junyent i Maydeu.Ajuntament de Manresa.Associació per al museu Comarcal de Manresa.

Restoration of Glory 1st Mystery of Antoni Gaudi.


The architect in charge of the 1st film is Anton Baraut Mystery of Glory and the restoration work of Christ makes the sculptor Ramon oms has stated that the sculpture has been subjected to a process of repair and cleaning, to remove salts and you have applied techniques to ensure their conservation. We have also cleaned the brass ring and has prepared a new anchor for placing it on the original site. Using the restoration work has taken exact measurements of the sculpture has a height of 3.22 meters and weighing 572 kilograms. It should be noted that being placed on the original site where the sculpture had planned Antoni Gaudi highlight the first Mystery of Glory, as the shape of the figure and the folds of the clothes fit the point of the mountain where he had state initially, the figure also takes more presence.